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Single pack, ultra high solids, polyurethane embedment and protection coat, partially or fully reinforced with Elastomat glass fibre matting to provide a membrane of excellent mechanical properties.

Suitable for a wide range of existing substrates, including bituminous surfaces, GRP, concrete, timber, asphalt, approved insulation boards, metal profiled sheets and single ply systems.


  • Cold applied, using hand lay process
  • Durable finish
  • Reinforced with chopstand matting
  • Can be applied during or after construction
  • Minimal disruption
  • Maintenance free

Aperture PU

Tensile strength (BS2782 : 320A)
Unreinforced system – 7N/mm2
Reinforced system 10 – 9N/mm2

Elongation (BS2782 : 320A)
Unreinforced system – 300%
Reinforced system 10 – 30%

Tear strength (BS2782 : 32013)
Unreinforced system – 7N/mm
Reinforced system 10 – 25/mm

Coating adhesion (ASTM D4541)
Unprimed concrete – 2N/mm2
Primed concrete – 3-5N/mm2

Thermal cycling/low temperature flexibility (BS3900 : E I : 1992)
Thermal cycled film (16 hours @ – 25*C/8 hours + 80*C.
7 cycles) tested at 0*C.  Pass 5mm dia. mandrel

Constant immersion, 16 hours @ – 20*C 8 hours @ -25*C. 5 cycles.
No significant changes in mechanical properties.

Impact Resistance
ASTM G 14-88 – 2.5 Joules
BS3900: E3 – No cracking or detachment from substrate

Heat ageing (56 days) @ 70degrees
No significant changes in mechanical properties.

Water vapour transmission (ASTM E96/1653)
Specific permeability – 25/m2/day

Resistance to fire (BS476 : Part)
Indicative test rating

Accelerated weathering (ASTM G53 – 2000 hours)
Minor surface chalking, no blisters, no loss of adhesion

Salt spray (ASTM B117 – 1000 hours)
Minor surface chalking, no blisters, no loss of adhesion

Water Absorption (ASTM D570)
7 days – 5% weight gain
21 days – 6.5% weight gain

The Guide to Sealing Apertures in Metal Roofs and Walls


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