Aperture supplied the technical expertise and high-performance waterproof solution to put a weathertight seal on challenging roofing details as part of a stunning new school building project.

Hertswood Academy in Hertfordshire is described as world-class educational facility, transforming the learning experience for coeducational pupils in Borehamwood and surrounding areas.

The three-storey building, which opened its doors to students in September 2019, is a spectacular upgrade on the school’s former building which was demolished to make way for housing. The sale of the old site partly financed the new Academy’s construction.

Containing cutting-edge ICT provision, a theatre with industry-standard stage, lighting and retractable seating, a new sports centre, activity studio and superb restaurant facilities, it appears safe to say the new building is on course to ‘transform secondary school education in Borehamwood’.

With a pressing need to ensure the Academy opened, as agreed, in time for the 2019 summer term, contractor Willmott Dixon required Aperture’s services to put a weathertight seal on a series of challenging waterproofing details across two levels of the new building’s roof.

The construction was nearing completion, therefore it was crucial a reliable, rapid-apply waterproof system was sourced in order to seal more than 50 service riser penetrations and protect the building’s interior works. Having noted the quality and performance of Aperture’s BBA-approved seamless, cold-applied waterproof system on a previous project, Willmott Dixon decided it was the ideal solution for the Academy’s roof.

The service risers’ waterproofing programme required close consultation between Aperture, Willmott Dixon and the project’s mechanical and electrical contractor. With it being of the utmost importance that the roof remained watertight whilst the risers were installed, Aperture’s installation team was on hand to put an immediate waterproof seal on each penetration as it was made.

The easy cutting and handling ability of Aperture’s cold-applied system simplified what might have otherwise been a highly-challenging process, bearing in mind the time constraints involved. In supplying the materials as well as the application skills themselves, Aperture’s site teams eliminated the need for lead times which can significantly hamper a waterproofing project’s progress. It meant each of the 54 service penetrations were waterproofed within just six weeks, enabling Willmott Dixon to hand over the Academy site on the agreed date.

Aperture’s excellent workmanship and the high performance system at their disposal, in harness with the close working relationship the team established with Willmott Dixon, was essential to putting a speedy and impenetrable seal on the Academy building’s final waterproofing details. The success of this process will assure the transformational facility will be able to carry out its inspirational work – whilst the building and its first-class interior features remain resistant to the elements – for many years to come.